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Choose from our FEATURED Lightboxes

edge lit snap frame - technilite
LED Edge-Lit
Snap Frame
back lit fabric light box - technilite
LED Back-Lit
Fabric Light Box
edge lit fabric light box - technilite
LED Edge-Lit
Fabric Light Box
edge lit magnetic frame light box - technilite

LED Edge-Lit Panel

with Magnetic Frame


UL and CUL

Certified Components

Safety and reliability is our number one concern. That is why all our components meets UL standards. UL is an accredited standards developer that works with companies around the world to build a safer, more sustainable world.



We are one of the best because we provide top-performing LED technology and quality products. All of our LED lights are backed by a 3-year manufacturers warranty.


Quality Custom Engineering

Not all LED's are

created equal. Our LED's shine brighter, last longer, and have a unique color profile. All lights and signs are manufactured in North America with the highest quality parts.

Technilite Inc. Passion

We are a company built with passion creating the perfect solution for your business. No matter the size, shape, or volume we will make sure your brand makes a statement. We are always striving to light up the unimaginable.

Environmentally Conscious

As a pledge to the environment, we have discontinued our T5 fluorescent panels to completely dedicate our efforts to more energy efficient LED's. We not only want a bright future for your business but the planet too.

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